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(Run by UP Power Corporation Limited & Recognized by UP intermediate education board.)

Shakti Montessori High School was established on 22nd June 1982 at the pre-primary level on the demand of officers and employees of the State Electricity Board for imparting education for the bright future of their children.


We have different fee structure for primary, juniors and 9th-10th students

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All Syllabus Covered by UP Government.

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We have different uniform for Primary and Junior students

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Shakti Montessori High School was established on 22 June, 1982 at the pre-primary level on the demand of officers and employees of the State Electricity Board for imparting education for the bright future of their children.

The school gradually progressed with the untiring efforts of the Welfare Society and the mentors. The school soon started providing classes for the junior section. Seeing the praise worthy the performance of the school the Indralok Welfare Society requested Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board presently up Power Corporation Limited to take over it UP State Electricity Board accepted the request of the Indralok Welfare Society and after some time to over the school on 1st July 1987.

After taking over the school is flourishing well under the Honorable guidance of the corporation and is providing classes till High School result of the school is always cent percent.

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What we saw today we reap tomorrow and open with dividends or profit. However, if we have sown bad seeds or neglected them after planting the saplings, then the results may prove disappointing and the plants will not be able to sustain themselves. Fresh air water and good soil make the plants strong and sturdy. Similarly, the manner of love, care, and understanding will nourish the little children and train them to become were the citizens of the country and of the world.

Love is the nectar that gives inner strength to the child. From love, many other virtues like kindness compassion, and courage germinate and give beauty to the soul. A person deprived of love and tenderness in childhood may become rough and inhuman in his dealing with others at a later stage. Besides the eternal fountain of love children also need care and careful nurturing. Parents must strive to fulfil not only their physical needs but also their social-emotional and psychological needs

A Well cared child looks happy and contented and self-composed. his countenance is effusive and he radiates self-confidence. On the other hand, if are neglected child gives a hazardous appearance. he is likely to be tense and ruthless in their approach and such children may become police and criminals if their wishes are not fulfilled. Another very important aspect of child education especially at the Montessori level is to develop a sense of understanding in the child a teacher must not only educate but should also understand the child's nature teach him the way he wants to learn and encourage him to grow up as a self-motivated agent of social change and transformation. Gone are the days when education turned out literate men and women to qualify for a variety of professions today this is not enough we have to train a race of decisions makers and leaders who can understand the problems of the family society and the world at large and devise practical solutions to those problems. Shakti Montessori high school is an institution that not only nurtures the child with love care and understanding but also educates him to become a reliable contributor to society SMHS education is the learning by doing we continuously innovate new methods of teaching and learning with pleasure as the SMHS child leaves the portals of the instructions wherever he goes he carries the motto of mankind. Heal the world and free and biased thinking that regard the whole world as one country and mankind as its citizens.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” - Albert Einstein